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Overview of Services

We are a full service drywall company that will be more
than happy to assist you with all of your drywall needs.
Don't take a chance on the most visible part of your
largest investment. Every person who walks into your
home will see your walls and ceilings so make sure to
hire someone who will take as much pride in your home
as you do. At Ricky's Drywall we take great pride in our
work, and we strive for perfection on each and every job
no matter what size. Please call us today to discuss your
We at Ricky's Drywall can provide for all your new home construction needs. We will be on time and
will treat you and your home with respect .  We can do slick finish, or texture. During the drywall taping process there
is always going to be some mud dropped, other contractors leave this for you to clean up. We do not. We will scrape
and sweep your floors at no extra charge.

We use only the highest quality materials, and techniques to complete your project, and we purchase them from
local suppliers.
New Construction
At Ricky's Drywall we do hundreds of remodel jobs per year. Remodels can be the most difficult projects to
complete when a construction crew is practically living in your home, and it is made even worse when your
contractor doesn't keep your home clean. We will not disrespect you in that way. We will take every step possible
to keep your home as clean as possible while performing the work. We can do it all from a total gut job, to moving
a door. If you want to miss out on the fun of demolition then we can handle the demo work also.
Many times it is difficult, if not impossible, to find anyone to do a repair job, regardless of the size. We at
Ricky's  Drywall understand that the small repair job is just as important to you as the new house or addition is to
someone else. That's why we say, " No Job Too Small "

Our experienced craftsmen can repair your ceilings or walls and make them "as good as new"  ( maybe even better)
Whether it's a hole in the wall from a door knob, (or a rambunctious teenager) or a water damaged ceiling, Ricky's
Drywall is here to help.We have a lot of experience with these, and many other types of repairs and can fix them so
they are invisible.

We take special care while doing the work to ensure that we make as little mess as possible. And our dustless
sanding system helps a great deal with that. Drywall work is dusty, and we will take precautions to keep the dust out
of the rest of your home. We will also clean up whatever mess we do make
Repair work
We at Ricky's Drywall can  provide you with a textured finish if you desire. We can texture walls, or ceilings, or both.
We can do a "Popcorn" texture, or a "knockdown" texture. (Click on the picture above to see a sample)
In some cases there is a need to "skim coat" an entire area. Many times this is due to wall-paper removal.
We have a lot of experience in this area and can provide  you with the slickest skim coating around. We use
a slightly different technique than most drywall contractors do for this which we believe provides a superior
end product.
Skim Coating
Other Services Include:
1. Drywall Installation.

2. Commercial work.

3. Replacing Paneling.

4. Repairing popcorn

5. Bullnose corners.

6. Arches.

7. Additions.

8. Remodels.

9. Painting

10. Framing

11. Suspended Ceilings

12. Sound Proofing

13. Insulation
If we can help you in any way please feel free to contact us. We always answer the phone if at all possible, and
if we aren't able to answer we will get back to you as soon as possible